You might be a bounty hunter looking for fame and fortune, a peasant looking to feed his starving family. You might be a maiden running away from her arranged marriage, or just somebody who has gotten lost. Anyhow, you’ve ended up in the Grimwood, a forest with curious animals, forbidden places, powerful objects, and supernatural creatures.

To survive the Grimwood, you need to find, collect, or steal these supernatural creatures or objects and use them against your opponents to maximize your reward, but beware not everything is at is seems!


Grimwood is a highly chaotic, slightly strategic game of competition and sabotage. Players take turns drawing or stealing cards to make the highest scoring combinations to win the game. The deck is made up of 68 cards that can help you or hurt others.

Draw from the deck, steal from other players, and unleash the powers of your supernaturals to get the most points.

There’s only a limited time to make your moves though, because the game ends when the last card is drawn. The deck goes quicker than you think!


Shuffle the cards and deal 3 cards to each player face down. Place the remaining cards face down in the middle of the table. Players may now look at their cards. The player whose birthday is next starts the game, the turns proceed clockwise.

Every turn, the player can play a supernatural card and/or place one or more animal or setting combos. Each turn ends with the player drawing from the deck or stealing a card from another players hand.

There’s only a limited time to make your moves – the game ends when the last card is drawn. Once the last card is drawn, each subsequent player finishes one last turn, before everyone adds up their points to determine who successfully made it out of the Grimwood.



”All I can say is wow…Would I recommend it? AB-SOUL-LOOT-LEE ”
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”I just really wanted to shoot a message to say how much I love the game! It’s been so much fun…..
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